Obama It is!

Man. I can't sleep. It's out there now. I spent half the evening running around asking people how they feel around Midtown Atlanta. Most probably everyone that has the honorary status to be on my phone list has recieved an over-excited call from MOI! This election has been culturally pivotal and beyond race...or has it? People happily obliged sharing their thoughts with me as I enthusiastically approached everyone with the same question...White, Black, Indian, Puerto Rican and Asian...Americans, voters. I wish i could be a fly on the wall around the globe right now with the people who have stayed up to watch the results...Holding their breath like we did.

I am hopeful. Regardless of what will crawl out of the woodworks tomorrow looking like Troglodytes in a Holographic world. But I suspect that the progressive thinkers and idealists among us all share this feeling, and recognize the possibilities of a much more tolerant world. I welcome this new reality into our lives.  I was sick and tired of whispering. Peace be with us all.

People I don't know have been hugging me all night and know i will look back on this bootleg video and still remember that deep feeling of relief and keep hope for a better future. That's what it is.

I Love you..God Bless. I am Happy and welcome to humanity.


God's Pupil said...

This is one of those days that makes us cry. We have so much to do in the coming days. It is time for us to start investing our energy in creating our dreams and realities. I love our commitment to change and growth. God bless America

Eb the Celeb said...

I was still in awe until yesteday... that's when it finally resonated that my president is black and the 1st lady is chocolate just like me and I love it!

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