Banned Betty Boop Cartoon


alice wonder. said...

so, why does betty have no chin?? that bothers me.

in other news (lol), how ridiculous is that cartoon! rife with stereotypes...ones that are apparent to us now, anyway.

this applies to the whole nature of racism in general, but how easily can we now recognize the form that this has now morphed into? how readily do we unknowingly digest and reinforce these same ideas? it's something to consider...

Dutchesz said...

COMMUTING THOUGHTS, When I get on the train I will continue...

The irony of this Betty Boop cartoon is that the cartoonist with much thought had created a very foreshadowing glimpse into the future. And had captured the power of maintaining these elements of culture and History at Top of Mind recognition.

By nature you cannot hide deception. it's timing.

Some had rather jump over board than go through oppression, some had preferred to live and fight it out.

There is sooooo much power in the simple words "If you see it you can achieve it". SO if you only see stereotypes, race, weakness,and ignorance as the most effective source to plug-in your ego...Fatten your pockets...incite tiny bytes of fear?...
.. Is'nt it what you do when you fight with your siblings?

Isn't Funny, how the most devastating and terrifying offenses comes from those who have gotten to know you oh so well they know just where it hurts or at least make you think it does..anybody follow?

How we ...Create currency from weight in Gold, Create imaginary currency from people, create 'imaginary' debt in Trillions.
Are Comforted by the the control only chaos inspires. We create giant plans, built testaments to our existence.

write blog, talk, speak, sleep in it we are supposed to be in control...of the information we digest... right?

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