Gary mccOy's view on politics | I need to rest my mind before I get back to you on this one..


alice wonder. said...

well, where to start on this one? lol

Dutchesz said...

LOL :)

I am trying to approach this objectively. These sentiments and stereotypes are not automatically ingrained in DNA. They have been taught, recycled and maintained...

I was talking to someone about fear, and what that means to the decisions we make, the paths we take, the obstacles we overcome everyday..or not. The friendships we make and keep. Why we play it safe and prefer to react, rather than live freely, love deeply and create that which gives us a much better chance of reaching the happiness we all hope to achieve.

So Before I run around looking for every racial stereotype I can blindly fling at the illustrator like government I am going to think some more and write about it tomorrow.

Oh and I found an old Banned Betty Boop Cartoon. I'll post it up..

alice wonder. said...

i'm not sure if i should see this as him commenting on a popular sentiment (amongst the GOP, anyway) or if this reflects his personal view.

either way, again, i don't know where to start.
judging from his website, he's a i'm inclined to think the reference was deliberate.

fear determines how we steer our ship...where we choose to go, with whom we choose to speak, and the beliefs we hold. fear of the unknown and the fear of change dictates much of our modus also become a blinder to "reality" (or, other ways of seeing and experiencing). everyone is in their own little world. all of that considered, simply reacting to a reaction yields nothing.

what does? asking why, listening. truly understanding...the approach in general to this sort of thing is in need of serious reconsideration. a healthy dose of forgiveness always helps too, i guess.

God's Pupil said...

Good post

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